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Website Promotion Ideas for Small Businesses

You already understand that your small business needs a website to compete with the big guys and maintain every aspect of your relationship with your customers. But once you get your website up and running, you need website promotion ideas to get people to know about your website. After all, no one
will visit your website unless they know it exists.

The first idea for your website promotion is to submit your website to all major search engines. Search engine traffic is a big attraction for websites, and most webmasters will say that most of the traffic comes from search engine clicks. Most major search engines have their own pages where you can submit your
website. After submission, it usually takes a few days to a week before it appears in the keyword search.

Other website promotion ideas include promoting your website on internet bulletin boards and discussion forums that focus on topics that are somehow related to your business. For example, if you run a small business that sells game supplies, you can access bulletin boards and discussion forums that a gamer frequently visit.

Other proven true website promotion ideas include affiliate and banner exchanges. Contact other websites in the same target market and ask them to exchange banners for each other’s websites, or automatically make banners for other websites on your website and banners for other participating
websites. You can sign up for the banner exchange portal that you generate.

For more website promotion ideas, many online resources whose sole purpose is to teach people the best way to promote a website over the web and strategies to increase traffic to the website. Start with these basic ideas and dig deeper when you’re ready, as there are so many avenues to explore.

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