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Posters That Tell Your Story

Each poster print is like a book that tells a story.

Simplicity is the key to this, It only takes a few minutes for the reader to see the poster, so it should be as clean as possible. Instead, you need to include meaningful statements and attractive graphics. The poster should contain less detail. There are many in the exhibition area, so you need to be careful to get the reader’s attention.

The purpose of the poster is basically to express the work simply and clearly. It should effectively provide useful information and food for thought. If the
details presented on the poster are better explained and illustrated in the dissertation, the dissertation should be provided as a handout at the poster session. In addition, the use of colour can be very helpful in both maximizing the sharpness of the image and making the poster attractive.

There are some things you need to know when designing and printing your own poster. First, don’t make the title bigger or smaller. Consider the distance
to the audience. Also, do not make it too large. If you exceed the width of the poster, consider shortening the title. Keep in mind that all capital letters are difficult to read. You can also use colours in your posters to help convey additional meaning. However, choose the colour you want to use carefully. Make sure the colours are in the spotlight and provide a meaningful distinction.

Also, don’t forget to give credit when the deadline comes. Add a short thank you note to the poster to thank everyone who has helped you through this process, and most importantly, write it easily, clearly, and concisely.

The poster highlights the main clues and conclusions. Don’t overthink and focus on the little things. Effectively convey the whole picture.

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Also, don’t assume that your poster is easy to understand. Therefore, consider adding a tutorial section that will help you with your poster. A web address that links to important material or other material that helps readers learn what they need to know to understand the poster. You can use some tricks to get the reader’s attention